People that amaze me………The High Road

There is good and bad amazement.

I really should take what I have learned in my past and apply it to future interactions with those same people.  People don’t change.  If they are liars, they are liars.  If they are cheaters, they are cheaters, but in the same way, if people are good, they are good when no one is watching, if people are considerate, they just are.

It’s sad to think that they can’t change and don’t want to change and also can’t see themselves for what they truly are.  I want to scream it to them so that they can see, but they won’t open their eyes to the truth.  They are comfortable where they are, taking advantage of people, being selfish etc etc.  Well, you can be that way, but I’m not going to allow you to bring me down with you.  I’m taking the high road.


It’s amazing to me that people get caught up in the weirdiest things. I always pride myself on being true to myself and others in all situations. I don’t say that I’ve always told the truth in all situations, I know I’ve told the white lie now and again.

But to deliberately try to manipulate and catch someone in something that was made up in the first place….well be careful what you send out because it will catch up with you in the end.