Football Season is HERE

I couldn’t be more happy over the upcoming season with my son’s football league!  He’s now on Junior Pee Wee age group which is heavy 8 year olds – light 11 year olds.  Right now he weighs 64 lbs and the kids can weigh up to 105.  Even though Dylan is light he can run as fast as a bullet.  He can spin around and zig zag like nobody’s business.  This past weekend at the Jamboree, he scored 2 times and caught a pass in the air.  My heart almost burst out of my chest I was so proud!

This Saturday is his first season game and I will be out-of-town, but I’ve asked my hubby to take pics and video of the game for me, so I can see all his great plays!  I never thought I’d be a football mom, but after 4 seasons, I LOVE it just as much as he does.

Tooth Number Dos!

My son lost tooth number too this morning.  He was sleeping in my bed and at 5am, says mom mom….I lost my tooth LOL.  I’m scared to death thinking he’s bleeding or hurt. Nope, just lost a tooth.  Then he says “mom if I put this under my pillow now, do you think the tooth fairy will come??”  Nope babe, sure don’t….you lost it today, so you are gonna have to do it tonight.  “aw man”  Funniest thing!