Football Season is HERE

I couldn’t be more happy over the upcoming season with my son’s football league!  He’s now on Junior Pee Wee age group which is heavy 8 year olds – light 11 year olds.  Right now he weighs 64 lbs and the kids can weigh up to 105.  Even though Dylan is light he can run as fast as a bullet.  He can spin around and zig zag like nobody’s business.  This past weekend at the Jamboree, he scored 2 times and caught a pass in the air.  My heart almost burst out of my chest I was so proud!

This Saturday is his first season game and I will be out-of-town, but I’ve asked my hubby to take pics and video of the game for me, so I can see all his great plays!  I never thought I’d be a football mom, but after 4 seasons, I LOVE it just as much as he does.