Football Week 1

Here is Dylan as a Jr. Pee Wee Black Apex Cougar for Fall 2013.  He’s played running back, wide receiver, safety, tight end, corner and others that I don’t even know the name of.  I’m so proud that he loves sports as much as I did when I was a kid.  I love them now as well.  When we first started football 4 years ago in 2009 when Dylan was 7 years old, I wasn’t sure how I felt about him playing this sport.  But I was really surprised about how he took to it.  He’s one of the smallest guys on the team (weight and height), but he hits harder than the big kids.  I hear other say all the time about how they can’t believe how hard he hits and the size guys he hits.  I hope this year he continues to shine and move forward in his skill development.  He’s really turned into a leader this year and it warms my heart.  Even though last week the game against Cary Green was a loss at 20-0, I feel good about this Saturday’s game in North Raleigh.  lets go Cougars!Image

Football Season is HERE

I couldn’t be more happy over the upcoming season with my son’s football league!  He’s now on Junior Pee Wee age group which is heavy 8 year olds – light 11 year olds.  Right now he weighs 64 lbs and the kids can weigh up to 105.  Even though Dylan is light he can run as fast as a bullet.  He can spin around and zig zag like nobody’s business.  This past weekend at the Jamboree, he scored 2 times and caught a pass in the air.  My heart almost burst out of my chest I was so proud!

This Saturday is his first season game and I will be out-of-town, but I’ve asked my hubby to take pics and video of the game for me, so I can see all his great plays!  I never thought I’d be a football mom, but after 4 seasons, I LOVE it just as much as he does.

September 16-18

Asheville, NC is a wonderful place. I haven’t been since I was a child still living at home.  A friend and I decided kind of last minute to take a trip there and mom kept the D man.

This visit included a trip to Chimney Rock and it was wonderful.  The elevator was broken and even though the stairs were insane, I wouldn’t have traded it for the quick elevator trip.  There were beautiful pictures taken of the scenery.  The view was just majestic. Then went downtown and visited some shops and saw some hand drummers. I forget the name of the type of drum, but it was very rhythmic and wonderful.  After a good night sleep, onto Linville Caverns and Linville Falls. Then Mount Mitchell which is the highest point in NC.  It was pretty awesome and we were above the clouds.  We had lunch on the top of Mount Mitchell and I ate like a pig!  Then a relaxing hour in the hotel and back off to downtown.  On Sunday, we planned to go to Biltmore estate, but it didn’t workout that way.  We went shopping again to make sure we had gifts for the important persons in our lives.  I purchased a book at a store on the blue ridge parkway that listed hiking trails and waterfalls in the NC Mountains. We found two of them on the way home.  What a wonderful weekend.

Dylan played his 3rd football game and won 28-20!  he also lost another tooth.