Labor Day Weekend 2010

Well another holiday weekend comes and goes.  This one was a great one like many I’ve had before.  Spent with people I love doing some of the things we love, together.

One of the big things, is finding my first sharks tooth EVER!  It is about 1.5″ long and an 1″ wide.  I also found a ‘bird’ that comes out of the sand dollars if you happen to break one.  I also found two other sharks teeth, but they were way smaller.

We are also known as the “crab hunters” as far as my son is concerned.  We went out on the beach at night with our flashlights and searched for crabs and ghost crabs that live in the loose sand.  My son would think chase them back to the water or sand, whichever way they would go.  As we were walking along, I happened to see one VERY close to us and I grabbed him so he wouldn’t step on it.  He screamed so loud and ran back to nanee!  So funny!

We also came back home a different way than 40 and we saw two very funny things.  We saw a field that had 4-5 buffaloes and also a front lawn that had a regulation size football goal post that had Christmas tree lights around it.  You might be a redneck if…….

All in all, it was a great time and I can’t wait to go back again and again.  I hope all of my friends were able to do things they love with people they love this weekend.

Labor Day 09

Well it is that time again, another holiday for celebration and time with family. I will be spending time with D and my mom, hopefully at the beach. There is nothing more exciting and calming than the time spent with him at the beach. The calming waves crashing on the sand and birds in the air gliding on the wind.

Some people when they go to the beach, always have to be doing and going, not me. Just give me the sun and waves…..and not necessarily the heat. I’m not a sunbather necessarily, but I can and have been known to lay out. 😉 I’ll grab a book and a beach chair and I’m home. The beach just feels like where my soul was meant to be. Maybe because my mom loves the beach so much. I always kid her that it’s what she gave me if nothing else because I look so much like my dad.

I look forward to giving my cares away to the wind and waves this weekend and I hope you can too if for just a moment. In the end, you can’t take them with you anyway.