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New Year, New Everything

So overwhelmed with the New Year and it’s only the first month.  I have so much going on I don’t know what to do.

I’m working on getting the house in garner ready to rent to a friend.  Dylan is getting tested for things.  Frustrated with my rental agreement and property mgmt company.  Family stresses me out.  I think I’ll just move away and some of these things will take care of themselves. LOL

On the plus side, I’m going to be officially legally single.  Which while I didn’t want this option, I am going to embrace it so I can move on.  I’ve done pretty good so far, so this is the last nail in the coffin as they say.

Dylan wants a sibling and keeps asking me for one. I think if he asks again I might have to start the birds and bees conversation so that he will know that it won’t happen for a LONG time.  The dating thing is another frustration. I don’t feel my standards aren’t ENORMOUSLY high, but I’ve yet to find someone that fits even 1/2 of them.  Plus do I really want to endanger Dylan’s well being and emotional development by getting involved with someone I barely even know.  I’m not saying he’ll be involved from the beginning with my dating life, but eventually there will be a “meeting”.  How do you trust someone with your children after you’ve been through divorce and that is so damaging by itself.  I’ve kind of thought to myself, maybe no dating until Dylan is in high school, but then I don’t know either.  He’ll have crazy hormones by that time and will probably rebel against me getting involved with anyone.  Maybe I should do so now while he’s still open to me being with someone else. LOL  I guess only time will tell.

I’m also still working out. I’m at a total loss of 21 lbs. I’m hoping to be less 30 lbs by spring/summer.  Sometimes I loose without even trying so I guess that’s good. Right?  I do miss the gym when I don’t go and I feel so much better after I do go.

Well, to the future we go with our minds and arms open wide.

Football Season 2010

Oh my goodness, what a season.  The Clayton Comets Mini Mite White team are the 2010 Superbowl Champions!  They also are the Runner-Up in their conference with a 10-1 OVERALL record.

This was the first year that D played football and the first two weeks were H***.  He didn’t want to go and I had to drag him there.  The first week was conditioning without pads and the second week was conditioning with pads.  It started the first weekend in August and we had 4 practices a week minimum lasting at least 2 hours.  It’s a tough routine for a 7yo that is only used to one practice a week for other sports.  But he hung in there and has really become an awesome football player.  He started out at Nose Guard on defense, but by the end of the season he was Defensive End.  At the end of the season, he hit someone so hard in practice that he knocked his own teeth out (baby) and chipped a permanent tooth.

The Superbowl was Nov 20, 2010 and the final score was 27-31.  It was a VERY tight, close game.  Both teams did well.  It was down to the wire.  All the parents were on their feet the last two mins of the game because Wendell had possession and were VERY clsoe to the end zone.  But we came out victors!  The awards banquet was Nov 22, 2010 and it was really awesome.  The kids got some really cool items!  Even superbowl rings!!

I think this will be the beginning of something really great.  He is already telling me he’s gonna go PRO!  I hope so, it would be so awesome and I’d be such a proud mom!

Where do babies come from?

So last night me and my son are watching Friday Night Lights season 2 on DVD.  In the first episode, Tammy is having a baby.  She’s in the hospital pushing and then voila the baby pops out and is given to her and Coach Taylor.  Dylan has the awful look on his face and says….Mommy, you pee them out????  This is an improvement over his belief a few years ago that they come out of the belly button, so say yep! They sure do.  He’ll have enough time to learn the real stuff.  🙂

Tooth Number Dos!

My son lost tooth number too this morning.  He was sleeping in my bed and at 5am, says mom mom….I lost my tooth LOL.  I’m scared to death thinking he’s bleeding or hurt. Nope, just lost a tooth.  Then he says “mom if I put this under my pillow now, do you think the tooth fairy will come??”  Nope babe, sure don’t….you lost it today, so you are gonna have to do it tonight.  “aw man”  Funniest thing!

Loosing and the Battle

So far I’ve lost 10 lbs, but I went to the beach the past weekend, so who knows if I kept that off or not.  I’m not going to weigh until Friday/Saturday.  I’ve been doing very well with controlling my eating/portions and not feeling hungry.  Of course, that could also be due to the new medication I’m taking….blah.  But let’s focus on the positive and……at least I’m loosing. 😉

Labor Day Weekend 2010

Well another holiday weekend comes and goes.  This one was a great one like many I’ve had before.  Spent with people I love doing some of the things we love, together.

One of the big things, is finding my first sharks tooth EVER!  It is about 1.5″ long and an 1″ wide.  I also found a ‘bird’ that comes out of the sand dollars if you happen to break one.  I also found two other sharks teeth, but they were way smaller.

We are also known as the “crab hunters” as far as my son is concerned.  We went out on the beach at night with our flashlights and searched for crabs and ghost crabs that live in the loose sand.  My son would think chase them back to the water or sand, whichever way they would go.  As we were walking along, I happened to see one VERY close to us and I grabbed him so he wouldn’t step on it.  He screamed so loud and ran back to nanee!  So funny!

We also came back home a different way than 40 and we saw two very funny things.  We saw a field that had 4-5 buffaloes and also a front lawn that had a regulation size football goal post that had Christmas tree lights around it.  You might be a redneck if…….

All in all, it was a great time and I can’t wait to go back again and again.  I hope all of my friends were able to do things they love with people they love this weekend.

July 4th 2010 – weekend of fun in the sun!

So this weekend was taken as 4 days to a beach I’ve never been to before, Sunset Beach, NC.  It’s almost in SC, which is awesome because we went shopping at the outlets in SC.  We also visited Ocean Isle, Oak Island, Myrtle Beach, and were going to try Bald Head Island.  Ocean Isle turned out to be the most memorable, but not because of anyone special, just a THING that was scary.  D and I were in the edge of the water and I looked out where the waves were breaking in front of us.  There was a gray dorsal fin sticking out of the water and it went back and forth a few times.  I could see the length of the animal, which was about 3-4 feet.  I stood there in shock for a few moments and then yanked D out of the way, back onto the sand.  One of the scariest moments of my life.

But at this place I also had another memorable experience.  One that makes me as a mom, know I’m doing something right.  Dylan and I were walking down the beach picking up shells (he LOVES oyster shells).  He stopped and said “don’t look mommy”.  Sometimes this is a scary thing because you NEVER know what is going to happen when you turn around. LOL  But instead of scary I had the sweetest thing ever…..he wrote in the sand with a shell “I LOVE YOU”.  Of course I didn’t have a camera, but it will be in my heart forever.  I love you too D and you will always be my baby boy.

Some stress is good for motivation and some is not…….

I’ve been having chest pain since mid-March and I have had an upper GI done and it came back with nothing really abnormal. I’ve just been given some meds to reduce the acid production in my stomach.  He said it’s stress related, now before this week I would have said nah, I’m ok, but this week has brought it back with a vengeance.

One of my elementary school friends committed suicide and left 3 young boys at home.  Even if you think there is no other way to live life, there is always another option than that.

Got some ppwk that I wasn’t expecting and I have someone that continues to lie to me even though I expect different behavior.  Since I’m honest with people I expect the same and I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

Making a change…………..one of many

So I have decided to join a gym.  I’ve missed it really since I stopped about 1.5 years ago. I lost 30 lbs and felt pretty good.  I would really like to loose that before this summer is here.  Even just going for the first time last night I feel better.  It’s amazing what those little endorphin thingys do for you. 😉


Hopefully, this will be a change in the right direction and only spur on other good things in my life.