Red Devils United

DS has a chance again to play on the Red Devils United LAX team for U11.  I really want him  to do this b/c they have much much better coach staff and the level of play is so much higher that’ll it’ll push him to being a better player.  He’s much better than recreational level play and I want him to excel at everything, what mother doesn’t right?  He also has a touch of competitiveness from dear old me 😉

He really would like to play and be with his friend H on the team!  Even though H is a year younger than him, they really get along well most of the time.  Although DS is going into middle school next year….AHHHHH. He’s in year round school so it’s even earlier than in earlier years LOL (from the years when it was ONLY traditional school schedules)

I’ve called the director today and I hope he will get back to me ASAP.  The select team (RDU) is not cheap!  Although you do get really awesome gear when you play; a nice jacket, pants, I think, jersey to keep, other stuff with RDU logo on it!  Plus you get to travel around to different areas to play in tournaments!  Which is like a mini vacation.