Feb 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I was reminded I have a blog recently due to the renewal fees. 🙂  So I guess I should post something.  Not too much is going on, it’s been a quiet winter, other than the strange weather.  We are on the brink of another winter storm and this one could get icy.  It should start tomorrow, but everyone is on edge including the schools as to when and where closings will be over the next few days.

Lacrosse starts in a few weeks for D & H.  They are both very excited and they’ve both tried out for the select teams.  D did not make it through try outs for select. 🙁  He’s very sad about that, but he’s not always the best and won’t always win.  I hope this is a good life lesson and it’s ok.  He’s still an awesome player and he’s great at the sports he plays.  We still love him if he doesn’t make the select team.

E & R are looking at houses and have closed on a house in Rolesville to be built and finished in May/June of this year.  They are currently trying to sell their own house and making renovations/repairs, improvements on the house.  I’m sure it’s so exciting to be moving into a new house. It’d be awesome if I could do the same and didn’t have this old house on my credit.  I hate that I ever did that and now it’s my headache to deal with because C’s out of the state.

Lets see what this week brings…………..