Don’t Sweat It

It’s funny the things you find at the thrift store. I myself am a person who frequents thrift stores regularly.  I like going through the treasures and seeing what you can find. Or what you can use in a different way.  You also feel good because the money you spend there goes to help others, not for the actual item because all items are donated to the Goodwill.

Recently I found a book that I’ve seen several times in bookstores everywhere and I never feel that the price tag is justified.  However, when I found it at the local thrift, I had to pick it up.

dont sweat it

I figured to start I’d read the number item of the day of the month it is currently.  Just to have more positive in my life, I thought this is a good way to start.

This little book touched me today.  I read the 20th item, yes I’m a little behind, but it instructs you to write a letter weekly to someone.  It doesn’t have to be someone you know personally, but it certainly can.  He encourages the reader to make a list of people you’d like to write to and then make it a point to do it each week.  Even if you don’t send it, just the act of stopping and thinking about that person in a positive way helps you be in a better place.

So this lead me to the idea of blogging about items from the book when they “touch” me.  I haven’t made my list of people yet, but I will soon.  I’m excited about this opportunity to brighten other’s lives.