First snow fall of 2011/2012 winter season

Today is February 20th, President’s day 2012.  We’ve had a very mild winter with lows only a hand full of days below 45 degrees.  It’s been great for flip flop lovers like me, but it’s always nice to also have the pretty snow fall.  It’s so graceful and quiet. I love the way it just dances outside in the wind.  It’s as light as a feather and maybe even lighter.  The flakes are all different sizes and shapes.  It goes back and forth between large and smaller flakes.  The ice also comes sometimes, esp in North Carolina.  But that’s ok.  It makes for a nice 2 hour delay for schools so the kids can get some time in the snow and maybe a cup of hot chocolate or two.  Sadly Dylan was not with me today, but I was able to enjoy the snow with some pretty special people.  I enjoyed the time I had with them and they made me feel welcomed.  Someone 🙂 convinced me to stay the night due to it being 9pm by the time we realized what it was doing outside.  So I spent the night with friends and their family.  This morning, I was about an hour late for work, but that’s ok.  What’s important is spending time with people you care about and being alive to see them another day.  Time is all you have to share and I hope at the end of my years I can say that I spent my wisely.