First 5K is thrilling.

Official time 34.17; 11 min mile 😉

Never thought I’d run a 5K or run for fun at all really. But now that I have my first 5K under my belt, I just might get the itch and it’s a good one to have.  I still haven’t lost any more than 50 lbs, but I do realize that I’m thinning out, so muscle tone is a great thing.  I feel so accomplished right now, it’s amazing and I never want to loose this feeling.

D loves to run as well. Yesterday we ran one lap with the dogs and one lap without. He’s impressed with himself and how far he can run without giving out. I was actually the one that gave out yesterday, but I didn’t want to pull anything before my 2nd 5K, Nov 20th at 2pm.  It’s the Triangle Expressway Trot.  The company I work for has the job to stripe the highway, so we are making a team together to run.  Should be great!