February Madness

So the month has come to show how much we LOVE our special someone.  Well this year I’ve kind of become anti valentines day.  Why should we just share this on ONE day of year?  If you feel so great about this someone, show them love all the year long.  We take for granted our loved ones and in a moment they can be gone forever until we see them again on the other side.  I am also guilty of this and as the saying goes, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.


I think the snow and being in the house so much has really effected my mood the past week or so.  I have also become enlightened by things that were unknown before and it has again stirred my anger.  When I feel angry I no longer feel in control of my emotions. I feel if I cry or show anger, this is letting someone else have control over me and I’m NOT ok with that.  Summer needs to get here ASAP so the flip flop season can officially begin.